About Us

"Remont naftnih postrojenja d.o.o." was established in 1992. and operates as a limited liability company. Our main activity is oil rig refurbishment along with drilling equipment service and maintenance, production of mechanical structures, consulting, marketing and internal and external trade. Our headquarters are located in the industrial zone of Brckovljani, a small village located 20 km from Zagreb (Croatian capital) near all main roads and highways. Currently we are employing 26 people of various competitive skills and talents which are continually improved through additional education and certifications. Our goal is to be recognized as a high quality competitive organization as with our products so with our customer satisfaction. A small token of confirmation is our continuous collaboration with leading oil industry companies from Germany, Canada and Romania. To accomplish all our set goals we continue to improve and evolve through high standard certification programs, new markets all around the world and with a constant drive to offer new high quality products.

Quality Policy

To be an authorized contractor of all major oil facilities in the region based on the high quality work and expertise of our employees, respect for deadlines and competitive price. To achieve, maintain and empower these values, we are thoroughly and fully committed to:

  • Meet the needs of our customers by providing services on a highly professional level coupled with ingenuity of our employees.
  • Ensure our costumers profitable business through development of smart and effective solutions and committing to excellence in providing our services
  • Continual improvement of our technological and manufacturing equipment.
  • Maintenence and development of good relationship with our partners and clients
  • Setting ambitious, measurable and achievable tasks.
  • Applying and continually improving the efficiency of our production system which is based on the international standard ISO 9001.
  • Social responsibility in business and contribution to a better society holding our environmental awareness in high regard.

Environmental Policy

Our Clients